You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!

Horror Story


                                     Horror Story

I was having a problem getting some explanation from our local CFDCMW about how they were spending our money. There loan approvals, the way they were sizing equipment for their loan guarantees.

 I phone Chris Stewart at home and he agrees to meet at the Dalewood Dining Room on June 03/2000 it was his day off he told me.

I explain to him the same I explain to Keith Draper from W.E.D.  Chris answer was I know they lie to my wife also. He meant the people at CFDC board or employees I don’t know.

At this time I felt we would get some results I am talking to the chief for our town and some one lie’s to his wife, no more to be said. Three months later we were arrested with a charge called “ secret commission” approved by the same Chris I was asking for help.

 You cannot complain to bureaucrats of the federal government or an RCMP member. That something is wrong here and it should be fixed.

 I always believe we were in a free country and the freedom of expression is still part of our life.

 You are free as long as you keep doing what you are told and keep your mouth shut. Someone else will run your life for you. Now after spending many thousands of dollars to defend you from those false accusations.

 We have been trying for four years to recuperate some of the damage that was done to us. We have to sort out another bunch of lies and fabrication and manipulations that take years before it makes it way to be in front of a judge.

 How are we going to show our kids the truth is the only way to go? When liars run away with all the money?

What about the words?

Responsibility, accountability, moral, ethic and pride?

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