You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!


For March 31st 2009 Financial statement
First, the auditor's report states the financial statements are the responsibility of the corporation managment, then you go to the next page, the managment responsibility for financial reporting "The Board of Directors is composed entirely of members who are niether management nor employees of the corporation"
The Board fullfills the responsibility by reviewing the financial information.
Most of those Board members are not qualified to study those financial statements or comment on them.
They should hire a competent manager and appoint a qualified accountant and especially here, they have no authority to make any decisions sinse they are not elected by the public or tax payers. 
Who is Bull------- who?
I'm not an accountant myself but common sense is all it takes.
According to the new manager, Mr David Mitchell in our local Community paper "The failure rate is only about 5%"
If that is correct the bad dept in the financial statement is $250,249
                                      1% = $50,049
                                      5%= $250,249
                                  100% = $5,004,980

Now, did we lend 5 million dollars is 2009?

Above is the bullshit that was sent to Ottawa by the guy in the picture below. Below the picture is the rules to ammend the constitution where you must have 2/3 of the members of the corporation. How do you change the rules when you don't have any members? This is a closed shop society to any members of the public except the friendlies. DEMOCRACY HAPPENS WHERE?
Besides, you don't appoint a manager, you hire one and he becomes a paid employee of a Society.

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