You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!


Mount Waddington Community Futures Society

Board of Directors

Chair                                David Freeman,        Sointula

Treasurer                         Andrew McKay,          Port Alice

Secretary                          Julie Foster,             Port McNeill


                            Rafaela Dimen McLean,        Port Hardy

                            Cathy Denham,                   Port McNeill

                            Maureen McPhee,                Port Hardy

                            Don Mossman,                    Alert Bay

                            Teresa Ransome                 Sointula

                            George Speck                     Alert Bay


 CFS Coordinator                                   David Sadoway

NISEA Coordinator, Trainer                    David Stevenson

Administrative Assitant                         Jenny Durke

Accountant Bookkeeper                         Ester McLennen 


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