You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

You can run but you can't hide... we know what you did!

For the past month or so, I have made repeated attempts by telephone, email and letter to both our Community Futures (CF) manager and the Chair, respectfully requesting a meeting and/or documents relating to what they do, such as:

  • Membership List (who votes in the Board?)
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Contract (between CF and W.E.D.)
  • Crowsnest Economic Development Board (who sits on this Board?)

To-date, I have received ZIP! In addition, the Western Economic Diversification (W.E.D.) representatives that I had several email and phone conversations with, and to whom I appealed to as the Federal Agency that provides CF's with our public money, at first ignored me, then tried ducking the issues, and then finally brushed me off without ever providing me with one piece of documentation that I requested (see above), even though they are a federal agency with the responsibility of overseeing CF's and therefore accountable to the public for how our tax dollars are being spent? In addition, I got no reply or acknowledgment with respect to my sending them our CF's Articles of Incorporation and Corporate (Society) documents that clearly show irregularities? The impression I got from them is "out of sight, out of mind" i.e.: we know there are problems in the system, but we don’t care. As long as our pay cheques keep coming in and we have secure employment, why do we want to rock the boat and jeopardize 'our thing'?

Over the years, millions of taxpayer dollars have gone into our local CF's and the bottom line is that a taxpayer such as myself (or you) can get stonewalled by these people like we don't count... and they do!? The sadness is W.E.D. (bureaucrats) condones and perpetuates this type of conduct for their own self-serving reasons.

The only conclusion I can come up with (which should be obvious by now to regular readers of my blog) is that now 'I know' these people have something to hide, as no one would go through the great lengths these people have with me, to avoid accountability, if they didn't. Don't you think??

In any event, they might not want to provide me with the information I requested above in order to cover their asses, but others do have to, and soon I will have what I need to shed light on how and why it is that millions of dollars have been flowing through our local CF's office intended for small business and entrepreneurs, only to have disappeared somewhere, never reaching their target audience? It is my intention to find out where that somewhere is? Did it go to the 'shareholders'... 'members of the board of directors'...???

All I know for sure is that CF's got the gold... and we as a community got the shaft!

Obviously, I will be doing it (my investigating) without the help of both CF's and their watchdog W.E.D. (sic), so they can continue to run and try to duck their responsibility and accountability, but they can't hide forever. The truth will be revealed and at the end of the day I am sure we will find corruption and complicity, at both the local and federal level.

The country had fallen into a state of moral putrefaction, with corruption running rampant throughout the government ranks.

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Anonymous said...

Good Job John!!
Maybe we can find out why the Bridgecreek fiasco continues to be covered up also. Alot of $$$$$ went somewhere.??????????

Anonymous said...

Go, John, Go! Go, John, Go! Go, John, Go!
Can't wait to read the results of your investigation!

Anonymous said...

Forge ahead John ....and please don't let up. Many people are counting on you to uncover whatever is gong on in the Crowsnest Pass.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
the reason I sign Joe Blow to anonymous I didn't know if you were one of those cowboys with the yellow stripes that was fishing to try and get me to say something so they can come after me again now that I realize your the man and you are going after the same kind of parasite that I was going after I can tell you that my name is Fred Poirier, I live in Port Mc Neill, BC my phone number is 250-956-3254. I've been through all this in the last ten years.
1) I complained to WED in Vancover on June 8th 2000
2) In september 5th 2000 I was arrested with another fellow, a Port Mc Neill resident, David Love, under a stupid charge (secret commission)
3) After all the lies from the manager Cathy Denham, the chair of the Board Mark Mackintyre and the business analyst Chris Johnson and a few more employees
4)All this was done with the back up of the RCMP sergeant Chris Stewart because his wife was one of the Board of directors Karen Stewart that was also writing for the local newspaper at the time and many of our local politicians helping in the background
5) Why I call then parasites this was the manager of the Community Futures program in Vancover on the phone with a tax payer of Port Hardy
6) In 2000 they hired a manager who came to my house and would like to know what was going on and would like the place to be run according to the rules, look what they did to him

These Community Futures are all shit they just use a different bucket for each community so called by-laws and the septic tank is at Western Economic Diversification office in Vancover which dump there affluent at the regional district office in Edmonton where the parasites are bigger they can swallow anything and everything and they proved it before

Anonymous said...

This is an aside. It isn't difficult to understand why the Harper Government wants to sell off the CBC to private broadcasters. This country will be in a sorry mess if CBC is sold. We will not ever get unbiased reports again. Please protest this attempt to let CBC go.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think CBC is unbiased?

John Prince said...

Thanks everyone for your vote of confidence and support. Now if only some of you would remember "it is the blood of the soldier that makes a General great" and step forward and do your part, it would make my job easier. :-)

Fred, thank you for your comment and for the links to what appears to be years of battle with your local Community Futures. I respect and admire your tenacity and perserverance against a system that has fallen into disrepute both in yor neck of the woods and in mine. A system set up to help local communities has instead been hijacked (with the blessings of bureaucrats), and now serves the elite exclusively. That needs to change, and it will once more people are awakened to the fact our communities do not have to be paupers in a land of plenty, when only a handful of despots stand in our way from realizing a better life for all. People need to realize that change will only come about when people stand up... you don't have to stand tall, but you do have to stand up, in order to effect real change.

CBC IS Canada!! As I have said before, the Harpercons traitors will not be happy until we are all speaking Texan and drinking Budweiser. :-(

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