You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!

2000 (Page 2)

When you are a counseltant are you not getting paid?
When you are the Chair of the company that manages the Society is this
not a conflict of interests?
How many jobs did Cathy Denham have in the year 2000?
How many ways to collect money with all these titles?
How many of our local politicians know about this?

Stephen Evans noted that Cathy will be working for the Fishing Centre
to coordinate the outreach workers and the CEAI project.

According to Ken Tully she was there already. Who's telling the truth?

Another documented lie.
I said "We've been arrested by the RCMP on September 5th 2000. I will not make a presentation to the Board because the arrest is based on what I was goin to inform you of. " Since when is the RCMP called a Government agency?

The letter below from Donna Gault at the time she was on the Board of the Regional District representing area C, she was brand new, she had never caught the disease of lying yet. The letter below that one is Kris Johnsen, the Analist from Community Futures talking to Mr Dean Clarke that we had been charged by CFDC. He had no reason to lie at the time, there you have it! You be the judge. 

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